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Contacts for labour market connection and collaboration in education

Here you will find information on how you can go about reaching companies and other organisations that can contribute with labour market connections to your education or course, for example through guest lecturers, external representation to program councils or project assignments. You can also join the PriU-group for labour market and collaboration.

Business collaboration at KTH

Business collaboration at KTH works to facilitate collaboration with the private and public activities for you as a researcher or teacher. Through our networks with alumni and companies/organisations, you as a teacher can reach people who can contribute with new perspectives in your education or course. 

Our contact networks consist of:

  • The alumni network
  • The corporate network

External participation in programs or courses

Guest lecturer or external participation in program councils

Via the LinkedIn group for alumni , you can reach almost 18,000 alumni globally. For help setting up your search in the group, contact . The clearer the description, the easier it is to find a match.

On KTH’s LinkedIn page , under the tab alumni, you can easily find alumni who are suitable for your program or course. 

Do this:

Under the tab alumni you can search for:

  • place of residence
  • workplace
  • occupational area
  • field of study
  • area of experience
  • connection to you

Project in your course

Send your description of the course to . We publish the course description under Project assignments in courses at  and include it in our mailings to the corporate network and selected alumni.

Keep up to date

Subscribe to mailings

Register your email address (form in Swedish)  to receive information about collaboration opportunities with companies/organisations and invitations to matchmaking events between academy and business.

Contact us

If you want to know more about collaborative elements in education, how we work within the strategic partnerships or reach out with an invitation externally – contact us and we will help you further, .

Here you will find all employees  at Business collaboration.

Open network:PriU-group for labour market and collaboration in education

With the reactivation from the autumn of 2020, the group will focus on issues related to labour market and collaboration. The group will work with three sub-themes: (1) Program councils and tools for contacts, (2) Mapping, merit and competence development, and (3) Collaboration for broadened recruitment/participation. 

PriU-group for labour market and collaboration in education