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Design of video for teaching and video technology for online teaching (SWE)

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 21 April 2021

Published May 19, 2021

As a KTH teacher, how can I design my teaching video to improve the learning experience in digital teaching situations, synchronously and asynchronously? This Lunch 'n' Learn webinar focused on exchanging the learning experiences on video technology and recording tools. Here is video documentation (in Swedish) from the webinar and the following panel discussion.

About the webinar

The presentation and the following panel discussion (documentation can be found further down this page) shows what you as a teacher can do at, for example, online lectures from home via Zoom, hybrid lectures with students in the same room on campus and at a distance, or for video recording. The first hour focuses on how you can film written text on paintings, digital screens and paper in different ways. In the following panel discussion, KTH teachers who worked extensively with video and online lectures share their experiences and answers questions from participants.

Watch the recording of the webinar on teaching video in KTH Play (in Swedish)


Håkan Westlund (IT-support, ITM-school), Hannes Hagstrand (Digital learning, ITM-school). Both are part of the synchronization team for web meeting, video and streaming (WVS), which is a part of the working group for digitalization of education.

Paneldiscussion: Exchange of experiences about video technology and recording tools

Lunch 'n' Learn from 2021-04-21. Language: Swedish.

The panel shares experiences and answers questions from participants. The panel consists of Joakim Jaldén (Department of Intelligent Systems, EECS-school), Mats Ericsson (Department of Ergonomics, CBH-school) and Elizabeth Keller (Department of Learning, ITM-school).

Watch the recording from the panel discussion in KTH Play (in Swedish) .

Image and video descriptions for the video Panel discussion (in Swedish) (pdf 780 kB)

Presentation file

The presentation material is available in the tab "Attachments" when you are logged in to KTH Play (log in at the top right of KTH Play) .

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