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Choose recording tool

There are many different recording tools to choose from when recording videos on your own in any place (and not with permanently installed equipment in a room). The two tools that are recommended for screen and video recording are Kaltura Capture (free to use for employees) and Camtasia (license fee). You can also use Kaltura Express Capture, PowerPoint and Zoom for video recording.

Recording in rooms with permanently installed equipment

If you do not want to use mobile equipment, you can record in some lecture halls, classrooms and computer rooms at KTH with permanently installed equipment.

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Recommended recording tools

The two recommended recording tools at KTH are Kaltura Capture, when simpler editing is enough, and Camtasia, when there is a need for more advanced editing.

Kaltura Capture in KTH Play

The recommendation is to use Kaltura Capture for video recording that requires only simple editing. Kaltura Capture is free to use for employees at KTH and is available via KTH Play. There is also a simpler web-based version of Kaltura called Kaltura Express Capture. In Kaltura Express Capture, the screen cannot be recorded.

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Camtasia - for advanced editing

If you think it is necessary for the educational value of the video and want to spend time on more advanced editing, there is the option to obtain a license to use Camtasia (screen recording and video editing software). If you need to update a video after you are done, you can do so by editing in Camtasia.

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Comparison table of all recording tools

To get a clearer picture of the capabilities of the different recording tools, you can compare all the available tools in the following table. The table contains more than just the recommended tools.

Comparison of recording tools
Recording function Kaltura Capture Kaltura Express Capture Camtasia Zoom Powerpoint
Record video camera Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, with Office 365
Record sound Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen recording Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Whiteboard function

(Write and draw)



Yes Yes Yes
Record several cameras Yes No Yes Yes No
Greenscreen No No Yes Yes No

More information about Kaltura Capture and Kaltura Express Capture can be found at Kaltura Knowledge Center.

Other recording options

In addition to the recommended recording programs, you can also record with PowerPoint, Zoom and with QuickTime Player.


Powerpoint presentations can be recorded and converted to video format. The function is part of the program. The recorded material is stored locally and has to be uploaded to KTH Play for publishing.

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The Zoom conference program has a built-in recording function that works well when recording, for example, live meetings or lectures.

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Screen recording with QuickTime Player (MacOS)

The QuickTime Player video player and recording software is always installed in MacOS, so for Mac users it is a good option for screen recording.

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Contact and support

If you need support when using Kaltura Capture or Camtasia, contact .