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Recording in rooms at KTH

You, as a teacher, can record in specific lecture halls, classrooms and computer rooms at KTH with the equipment built into the rooms. These pages will help you choose a room that suits your needs, explain how to prepare your recording and help you through the recording process, from start to finish.

Video guide to the recording process

The following video will summarize the whole recording process, with room D31 as an example.

More information about recording in rooms at KTH can be found on the pages below.

Rooms with recording capability

There are several rooms at KTH that have built-in equipment for recording you as a teacher and your lecture material. There are lecture halls, classrooms and also some computer rooms with recording facilities.

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Prepare recording in a room

Before you, as a teacher, start recording in a room with recording capabilities, you should activate KTH Play, familiarize yourself with the room's equipment and prepare the room for recording.

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Start recording in a room

After the preparations for the room are finished, you as a teacher need to log in to the control panel with your login code and KTH Play account, then select the video source to record for the recording to begin.

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Pause and end a recording in the hall

During a recording, you as a teacher may need to pause your recording, and at the end, you must end your recording to save it. This page explains how to know if the recording is in progress, how to pause it and how to end it.

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Save and edit a recording

When you as a teacher end a recording in the room, it is automatically saved to your KTH Play account or locally in the room if you have not logged in. If you want to edit the video, KTH Play or Camtasia are recommended; you may use both programmes from your own computer.

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