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Technical support for teaching

When teaching at KTH, you as a teacher may need technical support. This explains the technical equipment that is available at KTH for when you teach in a lecture hall, hold Zoom and hybrid teaching, use computer rooms for special software and record in the lecture halls.

Pedagogy and technology go hand in hand

In order for you as a teacher to be able to teach as well as you need to do we have gathered all the information about the technical equipment used in teaching here, but in order for you to get the most out of this information you should also follow the guides KTH has about the pedagogical material.

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Table of contents

Technical equipment in lecture halls

The technical equipment in lecture halls varies between different halls. This page explains how you as a lecturer can use KTH Places or TimeEdit to find the equipment for each room, gives you recommendations on VGA or HDMI adapters for the projector and shows you how to book a technician to test the equipment in the room.

This page does not go through Zoom and hybrid rooms.

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Zoom and hybrid rooms

A number of lecture halls and classrooms have been prepared to easily conduct video meetings with Zoom, for example for both distance and hybrid teaching. Here you will find how KTH's various Campuses have prepared their Zoom and hybrid halls, how you connect the technical equipment and what additional equipment the IT department recommends.

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Computer rooms

These pages explain what you as a teacher are responsible for preparing for the student computer rooms on KTH's various Campuses if your course contains parts that require computers with special software. You as a teacher are responsible for, well in advance, booking the computer rooms, ordering the required software, ordering external login if necessary and ensuring that the students have enough storage space for all parts of the course.

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Recording in lecture halls

You, as a teacher, can record in specific lecture halls, classrooms and computer rooms at KTH with the equipment built into the rooms. These pages will help you choose a room that suits your needs, explain how to prepare your recording and help you through the recording process, from start to finish.

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