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Technical equipment in lecture halls

The technical equipment in lecture halls varies between different halls. This page explains how you as a lecturer can use KTH Places or TimeEdit to find the equipment for each room, gives you recommendations on VGA or HDMI adapters for the projector and shows you how to book a technician to test the equipment in the room.

When every participant is in the room

This page goes through what you as a lecturer or teacher need to know about the technical equipment in lecture halls when everyone who is to participate is in the room. If you want to know instead what technical equipment you need for Zoom or hybrid rooms, go to Zoom and hybrid rooms .

Bring the right adapter

You can connect to the projectors in the rooms with your laptop, but it requires that you have the right port on your computer. Most halls have both a VGA or HDMI cable, but some older halls lack HDMI.

If your computer does not have a VGA or HDMI port, the recommendation is to buy a VGA or HDMI adapter made specifically for your computer's brand and version, as general purpose adapters are not always compatible with all equipment in the rooms.

To be sure of the type of adapter you need for the different rooms, read further what equipment is available in the rooms under "Available technical equipment per room" below.

Available technical equipment per room

For information on what equipment is available per room, there are two ways to search:

Search via KTH Places

KTH Places gives you detailed information about all rooms at KTH. You need to know the name of the room, for example Q1, to find the right room, the address is not enough.

  1. Go to KTH Places .
  2. Enter the room name in the search field and search.
  3. Select the correct room from the list.
  4. Go down to the heading "Equipment" for a complete list of what's in the roomn.

Room list via TimeEdit room overview

TimeEdit room overview is a flexible way to get a list of all halls that meet specified criteria, for example a certain type of hall in a certain place.

  1. Go to TimeEdit room overview .
  2. Specify in the drop-down menus that you want to see the room type (Lokaltyp) “Lecture hall” (Hörsal). You can also specify the campus, building name, address and equipment for more detailed search.
  3. Place the mouse pointer over the different halls in the list, but do not click..
  4. After about a second, the room information unfolds and you can read what equipment is in the room.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the rooms that interest you.

Book the selected room

Do not forget to book the room you choose. Follow the instructions on the page about Room booking at KTH .

Preparatory test in the lecture hall

To prepare, you have the opportunity to book an appointment with a technician for the particular lecture hall you have booked. The technician can help you test how the technical equipment in the room works, answer questions about the technical equipment and help you with the correct settings, for example for your computer's screen resolution.

It can be especially good to book a technician if you feel technically inexperienced or have never been to the lecture hall before.

Book an appointment with a technician by e-mailing or calling IT support. You will find the e-mail address and telephone number in the contact box below.


If you have question about the page or need help, you can contact it-support via e-mail or over the phone.


Phone number: 08-790 66 00, button choice 1