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Using computer rooms in teaching

These pages explain what you as a teacher are responsible for preparing for the student computer rooms on KTH's various Campuses if your course contains parts that require computers with special software. You as a teacher are responsible for, well in advance, booking the computer rooms, ordering the required software, ordering external login if necessary and ensuring that the students have enough storage space for all parts of the course.

Student computer rooms are located on all KTH's campuses and are intended for students who take courses at KTH. The computer rooms offer a standardized computer environment with a large selection of software.

Many courses have parts that may need to be performed on computers with special software. If you as a teacher need special software, we at IT recommend that you contact IT support well in advance of the course, so that the order can be carried out in consultation between you and the IT support.

Book computer rooms

You as a teacher are responsible for booking computer rooms for your students if your course contains elements that must be performed in a computer room. This explains how to choose and book a computer room and what your students need to know to access the computer rooms and how they log in.

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Order login for external users

KTH's student computer rooms require a personal login when they want to use them, which is usually the students' KTH login. But sometimes an external user needs to perform computer tasks and you as an employee then need to order a login for them.

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Order software

As a teacher in a course with computer-based parts, you must order the software required for the course to ensure that the software is available in the computer rooms during the course. This checklist will help you through the ordering process. Remember to order before 15 May for the autumn term or 15 November for the spring term.

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Expand the storage space

Some software can generate large work files, larger than the space students have available on the file server by default. As a course coordinator or teacher on a course, you can order expanded storage space in KTH's computer rooms for your students.

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Print from a computer room's computer

Now there is only one printer queue installed in all computer rooms, and it supports KTH-Print. Print to this printer queue, and then download the printout to any KTH-Print connected printer.

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If you have question about the page or need help, you can contact it-support via e-mail or over the phone.


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