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Order software for a course in a computer room

On this page you will find important information for ordering software for computer room courses

As a teacher of a course with computer-based components, you must order the software required to ensure that the software is available in the computer rooms during the course. This checklist will help you through the ordering process. Remember to order before 31st of May for the autumn term or 15th of December for the spring term.

Order the software correctly and well in advance

The software in KTH's computer rooms is determined and ordered before the start of the semester in collaboration between the course coordinators, teachers and the IT department. When the order goes through the IT department, licenses, tests, and installation are handled smoothly and correctly. As the course coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that the right software is in the computer room.

Order well in advance - no later than 31st of May for the autumn term and 15th of December for the spring term, but preferably earlier. Late orders are not guaranteed to be completed in time for course start.

Software for students on their own computer

Students have the opportunity to download software for installation on their own computers during their studies at KTH. If you want the students to be able to do laboratory work on their own computer, the software in the computer room should be of the same version as the one that is available to the students.

Students download the software from KTH Software Download .

Ordering to a computer room, step-by-step

Ordering software is performed in the following order:

  1. Determine the software and room
  2. Check software licenses
  3. Order installation of all software
  4. Test the software
  5. Approve mass installation.

1. Determine the software and room

KTH wants to provide a relevant range of software, with the ambition of having the latest versions of requested software in the computer rooms. Older versions can be installed if needed, but preferably only one version should be installed at a time. Older versions and unordered software are removed on an ongoing basis.

As the course coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that the desired software works for the course, both in terms of license and function, and that the operating system in the room you book can run the software.

If you need information about where you can find the computer rooms and what operating system they have, the student web has information about all computer rooms at KTH .

The student web also has list with avaliable software for KTH Windows , software for KTH Mac  and software for KTH Ubuntu  .

If you are unsure what software your course need, please contact . We are happy to help you choose.

2. Check software licenses

As course coordinator, you are responsible for ensuring that the ordered software has a valid license. Read more about Licenses for software .

There are many forms of licensing for software, with some licenses owned by schools and others centrally. KTH is responsible for ensuring that these licenses are correctly purchased and cover the intended use. Contact  to see if the license is correct or if you have questions about licenses and license purchases.

License purchases can take several weeks depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, order well in advance.

Order installation or upgrade of license server .

Note: Software with "evaluation/trial license" are not installed. Only full licenses are installed.

3. Order installation of all software

To get the correct information, we at IT have created specific order forms. We therefore only accept orders via the forms - all other forms of orders will be referred to these.

We are happy to accept your order even if it lacks some information or resources (e.g. if the current version has not yet been released), as we need to coordinate the installations for all rooms. Fill in the information you have, and we at IT will contact you later regarding the missing information.

Express ordering of software

If for some reason there is a hurry, there is the possibility of an express order. An express order is made if the software must be available for installation within 5 working days. However, this presupposes that installation media and licenses are available. And that only applies to computers that have Windows.

In such a case, the IT department needs to prioritize internal resources or even pass on the packaging job to a subcontractor, which is why the IT department charges the customer a one-time cost of SEK 5,000.

Express order of software

4. Test the software

The software will first be installed on one of the computers in the booked computer room so you can test that the software works as intended, both in terms of functionality and that the exercises work as you want. Test well in advance before the course starts. It provides the opportunity to adapt the software and sort out problems without the course being interrupted.

The responsibility for performing the necessary tests lies with the course coordinator, teacher or lab assistant. We at IT do not perform any tests.

Example of things to test:

  • does the software and all its modules work as intended?
  • do users need more file quota for the files the software produces?
  • do the rights in the file system work for the exercise?

Please contact  for questions or if changes are needed. We are not specialists in all software, but we often know what can go wrong.

5. Approve mass installation

Only after you have tested the software and given feedback to us in the order process, will we install the software in the entire computer room you are going to use. We appreciate it if any issues and changes have been resolved before installing the software on all booked computers.