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Order login for external users

KTH's student computer rooms require a personal login when they want to use them, which is usually the students' KTH login. But sometimes an external user needs to perform computer tasks and you as an employee need to order a login for them.

Login for external users 

For external users who intend to perform computer tasks in KTH's student computer rooms and who do not have a KTH account, a request to create a temporary IT account must be sent to .

Only employees at KTH can order temporary accounts.

Enter the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your personal e-mail address at KTH 

  • Purpose of the course 

  • Platform: KTH Windows, KTH Mac or KTH Ubuntu 

  • Computer room name 

  • Course code 

  • Number of users 

  • Start and end date of the course 


If you have question about the page or need help, you can contact it-support via e-mail or over the phone.


Phone number: 08-790 66 00, button choice 1