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Print from a computer room's computer

Now there is only one printer queue installed in all computer rooms, and it supports KTH-Print. Print to this printer queue, and then download the printout to any KTH-Print connected printer.

Print from computer room via KTH-Print

All KTH computer rooms have the ability to print via printers connected to KTH-Print.

To print in one of KTH's computer rooms:

  1. Open the document you want to print by double-clicking it, as usual. Then select File and Print (or press Ctrl-P).
  2. Select KTH-Print as your printer under Select Printer (it should be pre-selected).
  3. If necessary, set which pages you want to print and how many copies you want to print.
  4. If necessary, press Printer preferences if you want to change the default settings, such as collate, size, orientation or color / black and white, etc.
  5. Press Print.

The printout is sent to the print server and can be downloaded from any KTH-Print printer. Use the access card or manual login to log in to the printer and find your print job. Read a more detailed review of KTH-Print at Printing with KTH-Print .

Note: You can only download the print job from a printer labeled KTH-Print.


If you have question about the page or need help, you can contact it-support via e-mail or over the phone.


Phone number: 08-790 66 00, button choice 1