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Prepare recording in a room

Before you as a teacher start recording in a room with recording capabilities, you should activate KTH Play, familiarize yourself with the room's equipment and prepare the room for recording.

Activate KTH Play before the recording 

To be able to save your recording, so it is easily accessible, you need to activate your KTH Play (Kaltura) storage space; otherwise, the recording will be saved locally and you will need to contact IT support to get the film.

To activate KTH Play, you need to log in at least once. If you have never logged in to KTH Play before: 

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with your KTH account 

Now your storage space on KTH Play is activated.

Get acquainted with the room’s equipment 

Book a technician for test support

To prepare, you have the opportunity to book an appointment with a technician for the particular room you have booked. The technician can help you test how the technical equipment in the room works, answer questions about the equipment and help you with the correct settings. It can be especially good to book a technician if you feel technically inexperienced or have never been to the lecture hall before. 

E-mail  or call 08-790 66 00, button selection 1, to book a technician. 

All rooms with recording capability  have similar equipment installed and connected to a control panel on the teacher's podium. We at IT recommend that you who are going to record familiarize yourself with the exact room you are going to use, to avoid confusion about the room, e.g. if it has more than one camera or if the control panel is of a different version than you are used to. 

Prepare the room and equipment 

In order for the recording to work with minimal problems, you should make sure that everything looks the way you want it to look in the camera and that the equipment you want to use is set correctly. Preparations should be to: 

  • Start the control panel and turn on the microphone. 

  • Connect your laptop, if applicable. 

  • Set up the camera, document camera and computer. 

  • Test that the microphone works. 

Get a recording code from IT support 

To prevent unauthorized people from starting recordings, you must obtain a login code for the equipment. E-mail IT support about this: .

Start recording 

When you have finished preparing, proceed to Start recording in a room. .


If you have question about the page or need help, you can contact it-support via e-mail or over the phone.


Phone number: 08-790 66 00, button choice 1