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Save and edit a room recording

When you as a teacher finish a recording in a room, it is automatically saved to your KTH Play account, or locally in the room if you have not logged in. If you want to edit the video, KTH Play or Camtasia are recommended, both are programs you can use from your own computer.

Automatically saved recording

When you have finished recording, it will be saved automatically on KTH Play or locally, based on what you selected before you started recording. There are two options, either to save in KTH Play and Canvas or local storage - for those without KTH Play.

Save in KTH Play and Canvas

The recommendation is that videos recorded in lecture halls are saved in KTH Play (Kaltura), like all other KTH-created videos. If you save your recording at KTH Play, you can download it anywhere and you have access to simple editing, such as subtitling and cutting pauses. KTH Play is also integrated with Canvas, so videos at KTH Play are easy to import into Canvas.

Read more about using KTH Play , using Canvas Media Gallery  or about embedding a video directly from KTH Play to Canvas .

Local storage - for those without KTH Play

If you do not have a KTH Play account, recordings can be stored locally in the lecture hall, but to access your video, you need to contact .

Videos are available up to 2 months from the time of recording, then they are deleted from the server.

If you subsequently receive a KTH Play account, you can Upload a video to KTH Play .

Editing a recording

KTH Play has a simpler editing tool where you can, for example, cut the beginning and end of the video or add bookmarks (thumbnails) that divide the film and make it easier to find different topics in the film. Read more about Editing video in KTH Play .

You can also download your recording and edit it in any editing program, such as Camtasia, and then upload a new version.

Note: If you delete a file from KTH Play, it is permanently gone. For this reason, the recommendation is that you use KTH Play as a sharing platform rather than an archive.


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