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Record video using Camtasia

Camtasia is a recording and video editing program where you can record monitor, connected camera and audio from your microphone and from your computer. You should use Camtasia if you already know when recording that you will require more advanced editing than the editing options in KTH Play, or if you only want to record part of your screen instead of the whole screen.

Camtasia requires a licence

The Camtasia software is licensed per user and costs 600 SEK per license and year. If you want to order a license, contact the person in your school who may approve orders. The software is downloaded directly from Techsmith download center ( .

If you use KTH Windows, the application will be installed on your computer after an approved order.

If you use KTH Mac or your own computer, you will, after an approved order, receive a license key that you use to unlock the product.

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From recording directly to editing

One of the great benefits of recording in Camtasia is that when the recording is complete, you are already in the editor. So if you discover in the middle of editing that you need to redo parts of the recording, you do not need to change programs. Camtasia is also a more advanced editing program than KTH Play (Kaltura), so you can replace parts of the video without having to record the entire video again.

Camtasia also lets you record parts of your screen instead of the entire screen, which is the only choice in Kaltura Capture, and allows advanced editing capabilities.

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Guide to recording in Camtasia

Note: KTH does not give support for Camtasia, but the publishers of the program have support and good guides.

To record in Camtasia, open the program and click the “Record” button. For a guide to recording, in video and text formats, as well as other basic information about Camtasia, see TechSmith's website:

Record, edit and share ( .