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Video editing with Camtasia

For recordings where more advanced features are needed for video editing, Camtasia is preferred. However, it takes some time to learn the tool. Material created in Camtasia can be edited afterwards as the original video is not saved, which means that the video can be kept up to date for a longer period of time.

Advanced, but more time consuming

Camtasia is the recommended video editing program if you want to do more than cut away pauses, trim the beginning and end, or add fade-in or fade-out.

Camtasia lets you add graphics and effects and edit multiple video and audio tracks at once, so you can edit the audio separately from the video or add new audio. After you edit, you export a new video. Your original video never changes so you can always undo edits afterwards or update the video without having to redo all the edits.

As Camtasia is an advanced editing program, we recommend that you take the time to learn the program before you plan to use it; The program has many features to find and learn.

If you do not need an advanced editing tool, there is also a simpler editing program in KTH Play .

Camtasia requires a licence

The Camtasia software is licensed per user and costs 600 SEK per license and year. If you want to order a license, contact the person in your school who may approve orders. The software is downloaded directly from Techsmith download center ( .

If you use KTH Windows, the application will be installed on your computer after an approved order.

If you use KTH Mac or your own computer, you will, after an approved order, receive a license key that you use to unlock the product.

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List of people who may approve orders for IT services (swedish) .

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Guides for video editing

Note: KTH gives no support for Camtasia, but the publishers of the program have support and good guides.

We have created a video that goes through Camtasia, but the publishers of Camtasia, TechSmiths, also have many good guides on their website, in both video and text form.

Camtasia as a whole

The following video explains the basics of editing in Camtasia, taken from a Lunch ‘n’ Learn webinar. The video is in Swedish.

Basic editing capabilities

In Camtasia, there is a "Canvas" where you can see how the final video will look, and a "Timeline" where you can navigate and cut in different video and audio tracks. If you are editing a subtitled video, be sure to include the subtitles in the program while editing so that the subtitles end up in the correct place in the video. The editing possibilities are explained in video and text form on TechSmith's website:

Video editing basics ( .

Edit audio tracks

The audio in a video can be added to separate audio tracks in Camtasia, and can be edited without affecting the visuals of the video. For example, you can lower or increase the volume and add sound effects. Audio editing is explained in video and text format on TeckSmith's website:

Editing audio ( .

Add graphics and effects

Camtasia has many different effects and graphics to add to your video if you want to visually change it, for example to erase or hide a face or brand name that you are not allowed to show or to highlight the most important thing on screen. Graphics and effects are explained in video and text format on TechSmith's website:

Add annotations, callouts and titles ( .

Export completed video

Once you have finished editing your video, you need to export it. At KTH, we recommend that you export as a local file in order to upload it to KTH Play and share it to where you want to use the video. How to export the video is explained in video and text format on the TechSmith website:

Export and share ( .

Note: KTH's recommendation, export to local file, is shown in the video even if they themselves recommend another export.

More advanced guides

If you have not found the help you need in previous guides, there are many more in-depth guides on the TechSmith website:

All guides to Camtasia, under "All tutorials" ( .