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Choose editing tool

You can choose between different video editing software, depending on how much video editing that needs to be done: Kaltura (in KTH Play), Camtasia or PowerPoint.

Recommended editing tools

As stated on the page Choose recording tools  the two recommended tools at KTH for recording and editing videos are Kaltura Capture in KTH Play, when simpler editing is enough, and Camtasia, when there is a need for more advanced editing.

Kaltura vs Camtasia in short

In Kaltura (KTH Play), the editing options are limited while Camtasia offers a wide range of editing functions.  

Kaltura is free for use while you will need a license to use Camtasia.  

In both editing software, you can:

  • remove unnecessary pauses by editing
  • shorten the video (remove parts)
  • add simple transitions.

In Camtasia, you can also combine different video- and audio clips, perform image- and audio corrections, work with video graphics and titles.  Editing in Camtasia allows you to update your videos, therefore you will be able to use them for a longer period instead of re-recording them.

Comparison table of editing tools

The table below shows the main differences between the functions and tools of the editing software.

Comparison of editing options




Remove parts

Yes Yes No

Insert/add additional clips/footage

No Yes No

Simple transitions (fades)

Yes Yes Yes

Edit audio

Yes Yes No

Image/video effects

No Yes No

Add graphics

No Yes Yes

Work with multiple video- and audio tracks

No Yes No
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