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Video editing

Editing a video has several advantages. For example, you can remove mistakes, errors and unnecessary pauses. KTH offers two different video editing software, Kaltura (Kaltura Video Editor in KTH Play) and Camtasia. The video is edited after the recording. When the editing is finished, the video needs to be captioned. 

Choose editing tool

You can choose between different video editing software, depending on how much video editing that needs to be done: Kaltura (in KTH Play), Camtasia or PowerPoint.

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Upload a video to KTH Play

To share a video inside or outside KTH, for example in Canvas, the recommendation is to first upload the video to the KTH Play file sharing system.

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Download a video from KTH Play

You can download your video material to your computer.

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Video editing in KTH Play (Kaltura)

Since the editing functions in Kaltura are very limited, the software is suitable for use on shorter video segments that don't need continuous updating. The functions included let you remove unwanted pauses, add closed captions, edit metadata, split into chapters and get editing help from your coworkers. Here, you can read about the editing possibilities in KTH Play.

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Video editing with Camtasia

For recordings where more advanced features are needed for video editing, Camtasia is preferred. However, it takes some time to learn the tool. Material created in Camtasia can be edited afterwards as the original video is not saved, which means that the video can be kept up to date for a longer period of time.

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