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Record video

There are several ways to record a video at KTH. As an example, you can record videos using different types of video cameras or record your monitor directly using a screen recorder. When combining different types of video recording, you might need a video editing application. The information on this webpage is relevant for those who want to record their own videos at home without access to a studio or do video recording in a lecture hall.

Choose recording tool  

There are many different recording tools to choose from when recording videos on your own in any place (and not with permanently installed equipment in a room). The two tools that are recommended for screen and video recording are Kaltura Capture (free to use for employees) and Camtasia (license fee). You can also use Kaltura Express Capture, PowerPoint and Zoom for video recording.

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To choose a camera

It is possible to use different types of cameras when recording in a place other than rooms with permanently fixed equipment. You can, for example, use a standard video camera, webcam or your smartphone.

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Audio and sound in video 

Good sound in a video is really important. Clear sound is especially important in video sessions where the viewers cannot see the speaker's lip movements, for example in narrated PowerPoint presentations. Focus on good sound quality and a good microphone, such as a headset or a handsfree (for mobile phone).

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Record video using Kaltura Capture in KTH Play 

Kaltura Capture is an easy-to-use tool for screen and video recording that can be used via KTH Play and Canvas. Kaltura Capture software is free to use. A simpler web-based version of Kaltura Capture is Kaltura Express Capture. Videos recorded with Kaltura Capture or Kaltura Capture Express are uploaded directly to KTH Play.

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Record video using Camtasia 

Camtasia is a recording and video editing program where you can record monitor, connected camera and audio from your microphone and from your computer. You should use Camtasia if you already know when recording that you will require more advanced editing than the editing options in KTH Play, or if you only want to record part of your screen instead of the whole screen.

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Write by hand in Zoom or Video

When you want to write or draw by hand in a Zoom meeting or in a video, you can do it directly in Zoom with Whiteboard, a virtual board, or by rigging your mobile or tablet over a physical piece of paper. Here we go through the recommended settings and setups for recordings and Zoom meetings.

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Screen capture using PowerPoint 

An easy way to get started with pre-recorded video material is to use PowerPoint. This video tutorial will help you get started, whether you have a PC or Mac.

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Screen recording with QuickTime Player (MacOS)

The QuickTime Player video player and recording software is always installed in MacOS, so for Mac users it is a good option for screen recording. This explains how to find the program and how to start and end the recording of your screen.

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