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Recording capabilities

Before you start recording your video, you need to decide where and how to perform the recording. On this page you will find different recording possibilities and recommendations depending on whether to record a video with fixed or mobile equipment.

Recording with fixed equipment

There are mainly two different services available for recording at KTH: in a hall at KTH or in a mini studio.

Customize your educational material

Techers can book individual introduction and coaching with regards to adjusting and editing a video or podcast presentation.

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Record in a lecture, practice or computer hall

As an employee, you can record in certain lecture halls, practice halls and computer halls at KTH with the equipment built into the halls. These pages help you choose a hall that suit your needs, explain how to prepare your recording and help you through the recording process, from start to finish.

To record in a hall is an attractive option when recording live hybrid situations, such as hybrid teaching, as participants can connect both in the hall and over Zoom.

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In a mini-studio at your school  

From AS-2021, schools at KTH are offered the opportunity to purchase recording equipment for mini-studios that are set up for instance in a smaller room or meeting room.

The purchased recording equipment allows employees to record and edit videos, par example for lectures and lessons, in ready-made mini-studios. No advanced recording skills are needed; mini-studios are easy to work with.

Remember that the mini studio must be ordered and delivered if your school doesn't already have one installed, so be good time with your request if you want to use a mini studio.

With mobile equipment in any location

If you don't want to record in a hall with fixed equipment or in a mini studio, you can use your own computer and mobile equipment, such as a webcam, to record in other locations for instance at home or in the office. You can record on your computer with several different recording tools, such as KTH Play  (Kaltura Capture), Zoom, screen recording with PowerPoint or Camtasia.

Using mobile equipment gives you more freedom to choose location and how to perform, but adds more responsibility on your own purchased equipment and resourcefulness.

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Contact and support

​If you have questions about this page or need technical support, contact it-support by e-mail or phone. For pedagogical support or advice on how to use video in your courses, contact

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