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Screen capture using PowerPoint

An easy way to get started with pre-recorded video material is to use PowerPoint. This video tutorial will help you get started, whether you have a PC or Mac.

Video tutorial on how to record in PowerPoint

Go to the video "Record your PowerPoint" (KTH Play) .

Timings for the video content

  • 00-0.26 Record your PowerPoint (introduction)
  • 0.34 Click the tab ”Slide Show”.
  • 0.43. Record on Mac computer and on Computer.
  • 1.19 Speak at each slide.
  • 1.33 When you´re done.
  • 2.01 Convert to video format on MAC.
  • 2.17 Convert to video format on PC.
  • 2.45 When to convert to video.
  • 4.29 Repetition of the content in the PowerPoint slide show "Record you PowerPoint" (without narration)