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Getting the most out of Outcomes in Canvas for goal-related grading criteria

Published Jun 02, 2021

The function Outcomes gives you as a teacher the possibility to use intended learning outcomes (ILO) with goal-related grading criteria in Canvas. You can connect your goals to different student activities, such as assignments, and leave feedback both with and without points to your students.

Getting started with goal-related grading criteria within Canvas

According to the principal's decision, goal-related grading criteria  must be introduced on all KTH courses with a graded grading scale. E-learning has developed a guide for how you, as a teacher, can get started with, align and use "Outcomes" to communicate the grading criteria of your course to your students.

Read more on page The Outcomes function in Canvas .

If you have already gotten started with Outcomes

Outcomes have been available for a long time in Canvas, and some teachers are already using them, but usually to a limited extent. If you as a teacher want to get more out of the function, for example a compilation and overview for you and your students, you need to activate "Learning Mastery Gradebook" and "Student Learning Mastery Gradebook". Read more on the page Gradebooks for learning mastery for both teachers and students .


Do you want to leave feedback on the function? Do you have questions and need support? Contact us by sending a message to  and mark the email "Outcomes in Canvas".

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