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  • Share and find course materials in Canvas Commons

    Published Jun 12, 2019

    In Canvas, there is the Canvas Commons feature where you can search for different types of learning resources, such as images, videos, sounds, modules and questions. If you are a teacher, you can choo...

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  • The old course page becomes the new course information site

    Published May 22, 2019

    On Thursday 23rd of May KTH will release a new course information site in the Course and programme directory that replaces the old course pages.

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  • Give your views on the digital learning environment at KTH

    People and hands at a table with laptops.
    Published May 21, 2019

    During Monday 20th May, a survey was sent out to all teachers at KTH. The purpose is to map out how the digital learning environment is perceived by you all so KTH can prioritize future investments an...

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  • Lunch n’ learn – seminars for the digital teacher

    Audience and lecture and picture of sandwiches.
    Published May 07, 2019

    Teachers of today are expected to use digital methods when teaching. There are plenty of effective tools and many teachers are eager to develop their digital knowledge. With the concept Lunch n' learn...

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  • Documentary series about Digital Champions at KTH

    Published Apr 25, 2019

    Are you interested in finding out how other faculty colleagues use E-learning in their classroom? Do you want to be inspired with ideas on what tools to use in your teaching for activating your studen...

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  • "Advanced quiz functions in Canvas"

    Published Apr 15, 2019

    Learn more about Canvas Quizzes.NEXT, Canvas's other built-in quiz feature.

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  • Canvas has a new look

    Published Mar 27, 2019

    Canvas (KTH's learning platform) has an updated design. The purpose is to improve the user experience, more clearly follow the KTH graphic profile and better meet the requirements for accessibility. W...

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  • "Teacher stories - Educational solutions in Canvas" - Lunch n’ learn (26/3)

    Published Mar 11, 2019

    Come and be inspired and get tips from KTH teachers.

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  • News for the term from us at e-learning

    Published Jan 31, 2019

    Here we have gathered some information and good tips for you as a teacher.

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  • "System functions in Canvas" - Lunch n’ learn (19/2)

    Teachers at a seminar.
    Published Jan 29, 2019

    The appreciated seminar series Lunch n’ learn (on e-learning) is back with new subjects and lecturers. First out is Emil Stenberg, system developer at KTH, who will talk about how Canvas works with a ...

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  • Important information about Canvas at the start of the course

    Published Jan 08, 2019

    How is a course room in Canvas created and how are the students added? How do I as a teacher, course coordinator, or examiner gain access to the course room?

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  • Old version of URKUND in Canvas is now deactivated

    Published Dec 05, 2018

    New version of URKUND in Canvas. Read more about what you as a teacher need to do and know due to this upgrade ...

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  • "Course evaluation as a course development tool" - Lunch n’ learn (10/12)

    Published Nov 28, 2018

    Are you curious about how you, as a teacher, can develop your course using the Systematic Course Analysis (SCA) methodology and the LEQ survey tool?

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  • "Design and production of video presentations for Flipped Classroom"- Lunch n’ learn (14/11)

    Published Nov 06, 2018

    Learn to use basic digital tools and pedagogical media concepts to create engaging video presentations for your online teaching.

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  • Important for you that use URKUND in Canvas

    Published Oct 26, 2018

    URKUND in Canvas was upgraded this summer to simplify usage and assure continued support from the supplier. During the autumn the possibility to use the old version will be deactivated and to simplify...

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  • Correct the assignments first and then send out the results (Canvas)

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    Do you want to correct the students' assignments in Canvas and then send out the results to everyone at once? By selecting "Mute Assignment", the assessment is hidden while correcting.

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  • Want to join and test Zoom in Canvas?

    Published Oct 12, 2018

    Zoom is a videoconferencingsystem that can be used for teaching, lecturing and meetings with students. An integration of Zoom in Canvas is now being evaluated with the aim of facilitating teachers to ...

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  • Open courses in Canvas

    Published Oct 10, 2018

    There is the possibility for you as a teacher or course coordinator to choose how visible your course will be. Please read this information about the visibility settings.

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  • "Get started with URKUND” - Lunch n’ learn (10/10)

    Published Oct 01, 2018

    Learn how plagiarism control with URKUND works and how to use the service in your course, for example in assignments.

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  • Flipped Classroom, URKUND and course evaluations in autumn semester's Lunch n' learn-seminars

    Published Sep 24, 2018

    Lunch n' learn is back with three new seminars for you as a teacher/employee, interested in e-learning and want to know more about KTH's digital learning environment. The seminars are held in the Sout...

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