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Mandatory introductory training in Canvas for new employees

Published Apr 03, 2024

Starting from the autumn semester of 2024, it is mandatory for new employees at KTH to attend an introductory training on the learning platform Canvas. The training is called Canvas@KTH and is a digital self-study course on how courses and examinations can be designed digitally at KTH. The purpose is to make materials in Canvas more pedagogical, consistent, and accessible for all students at KTH.

Mandatory for employees 

The University Director decided on 20240315 that new employees who will design or administer activities in KTH's learning platform, Canvas, must complete the Canvas@KTH training. By new employees, we mean individuals hired from March 16, 2024, onwards. For these new employees, the introductory training is mandatory starting from the autumn semester of 2024. Read more about the decision in the link below (in Swedish).

Decision on introductory training for the learning platform (pdf 101 kB)  [In Swedish]

The requirement also applies to students who have previous experience with Canvas as course participants but are now going to work with Canvas as teaching assistants. The training is recommended to be integrated into the assistants' introduction to the course they will be working on, and it is mandatory for individuals who will work with managing Canvas. Even current users are encouraged to take the training to reinforce their knowledge and ensure consistent usage across KTH. 

What is Canvas?

KTH's learning platform, Canvas, is a central tool that facilitates learning, information, communication, and administration of courses and programs. In the learning platform, course materials, assignments, communication, and other resources are gathered and organized to support teaching and examination.

Introduction training structure, content, and scope 

The Canvas@KTH training can be taken in Swedish or English and is conducted as self-studies in Canvas. The training alternates between reading materials and practical exercises. The goal of the introductory training is to provide participants with a basic understanding of how Canvas and its features should be used at KTH. As a participant, you will learn: 

  • to navigate in Canvas, 

  • to create and organize clear courses, course materials, and examinations, 

  • how to communicate with students, and 

  • how assessment can be conducted. 

The training takes approximately two hours to complete. In the training, you will receive basic tools to design a course room on Canvas. Depending on how you approach the work, the training may take longer to complete. We recommend that you divide your studies, but it is possible to complete everything at once if you have ordered a Canvas sandbox. As a participant, you will test yourself with self-assessment quizzes during the training, which also form the basis for a passing grade in the training.

Are you curious about the content of the training? Follow the link to Canvas@KTH (  to directly view and interact with the training content. 

Purpose and background to the decision

The decision's purpose is to achieve more efficient use of, and increased quality in, KTH's digital learning environment. The goal is for Canvas to be used more consistently and uniformly across different courses, making it easier for students to navigate in Canvas and promoting a focus on the content of the course.  

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