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KTH E-learning demo spring 2024

Recording from demo 25 April

Published Apr 24, 2024

Are you curious about the latest changes to KTH's digital learning environment in the past six months? In the recording from the E-learning demo for spring 2024, you can hear more about the new system support for course evaluation and course analysis, support for working with generative AI, the new maxi studio and more.


Table of contents for the video

Here is a list of links that serves as a table of contents. Click on the link to the section you want to watch. Once you're on KTH Play, click the play button to start the video at the right place. All links lead to KTH Play. The video content is in Swedish, but subtitles are available in English.

00:00 Welcome to the E-learning demo

00:58 Agenda

01:39 About E-learning

04:20 New IT system support for course evaluation and course analysis

09:13 Mandatory of Canvas@KTH

13:37 Support from E-learning about AI

17:18 System updates

19:31 The new maxi studio at ITM

24:11 KTH Digicertus Exam

27:05 New support on the web

30:54 Learning analytics

35:51 New routine for LTIs

38:32 Courses, Lifelong learning

39:35 Development and expansion of educational support

40:45 Ending

We look ahead together with teachers and staff

The demo is presented each term by the E-learning management object at KTH , which has a central mission to manage and further develop the digital learning environment for KTH, including Canvas. In order to create the best possible digital learning environment, we work in various ways to receive feedback from and communicate with those who use it. This demo is one of these methods, open to all teachers and staff at KTH, where we have selected a number of ongoing development projects that we want to present and discuss.

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New IT system support for course evaluation and course analysis

Mandatory introductory training in Canvas for new employees

Support from E-learning regarding AI:

Design changes on the KTH website 2024

Lunch 'n' Learn - Create professional lecture material  (Swedish)

New support on the web: 

Courses, Lifelong learning

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