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How to moderate in Zoom - what does it entail, why is it important and how does it work?

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 14 October 2020

Published Oct 14, 2020

Leading a web meeting or giving an online lecture involves new challenges. What is special about digital meeting environments? How can I best conduct a meeting? How should I handle large student groups if everyone wants to talk at the same time? This webinar will bring up challenges when moderating Zoom meetings along with suggestions on how to handle them. Here you find the documentation (film and link to presentation, in Swedish) from the webinar.

[The video initially only has machine-generated captions but these will be updated with manual editing of subtitles that better matches the content.]

About the webinar

The typical case that is brought up is the digital online lecture. The webinar is based on the premise that the moderator is the one who assists a lecturer, but is also valuable for those who handle Zoom on their own during an online lecture.

Presenter: Björn Ström, unit of digital learning, KTH.

Moderator: Fredrik Enoksson, unit of digital learning, KTH.

Presentation file

The presentation material is available in the tab "Attachments" when you are logged in to KTH Play (log in at the top right of KTH Play)

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