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KTH E-learning demo: learn more about and influence ongoing development projects

Invitation to demo with KTH E-learning! (24 november)

This is an opportunity for you interested in the various development projects linked to the digital learning environment at KTH. The E-learning management object at KTH will briefly present the results of selected development projects, with a follow-up discussion open to all participants. There you will have the opportunity to ask questions, give comments, or just listen to the discussion.

Time: Thu 2022-11-24 12.15 - 14.00

Video link: Online (Zoom)

Language: Swedish

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We look forward together with teachers and staff


Ask more questions the day after!

If you have something you'd like to ask that doesn't quite fit into the demo's agenda, we'll refer you to our drop-in scheduled for the day after the demo.

Drop-in on 25/11 at 11-13

The demo is given by  at KTH, which has a central task to manage and further develop the digital learning environment for KTH, including Canvas. To create a digital learning environment as good as possible, we work in different ways to get feedback from and communicate with those who use it. This demo is one of the ways, open to all teachers and staff at KTH, where we have selected several ongoing development projects we want to present and discuss.

We strive to reach out to everyone and have both breadth and depth in the discussions, so take your chance to influence regardless of whether you are familiar with our work or not. Feel free to bring a colleague who may not have heard about us before.

Connect via Zoom

The meeting will take place digitally; it is possible to connect when it suits you. To participate in the meeting in the best way, sit in front of your computer, as we will present via a split-screen and allow everyone to participate interactively through, for example, Zoom polls or Mentimeter.

It's nice if you have the camera on but it's OK to turn it off.

Presentation with a chance to ask questions

The meeting will include the following:

  • Short presentation of E-learning at KTH and the structure of the demo.

  • KTH's personal menu: E-learning's big project during the autumn. Hear more about the project and see what we've done so far.

  • Changes in Canvas and in the support for teaching on KTH's web: what has happened recently?

  • Break 13-13:10.

  • Canvas@KTH: new structure and bilingualism.

  • Digital@KTH: New course on the way about creating and publishing digital material.

  • The programme web: the work with KTH Social and the inquiry about the programme web.

  • Transfer to Ladok: preview the new update coming in early 2023!

There will be opportunity for discussion and questions after each presentation part.

There will be an opportunity for discussion and questions after each sub-presentation.