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How the study and learning environment is linked to student well-being 

Stockholm Student Health Services welcome teachers and other staff members to a presentation where we share our experiences about students' health linked to the study environment. With this presentation, we hope to provide you with tips and insights on how to consider these aspects when you construct the activities for learning and assessment in your courses.

Time: Wed 2021-06-02 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom

Lecturer: Lena Mattsson, Angela de Matteis

The wellbeing of students is affected by various aspects; One of them being the study and learning environment that have become more digital and distanced-based in the last year. Recently, the students' work environment has also become the focus of various surveys. A good, safe and inclusive study environment increases the opportunity for students from different backgrounds to achieve their learning goals and complete their educations, and, at the same time, stay healthy.

Students' health linked to their studies and study environment

In this webinar, we will tell you how we, at the Stockholm Student Health Services, work today addressing the questions on students' wellbeing. We will also describe our experiences of how the students' health is linked to their studies and their study environment. We also want to glance into the future and open up for ideas and discussion about collaborations regarding the study environment.

Presenters: Lena Mattsson (Occupational Health Nurse) and Angela de Matteis (Counsellor).

Stockholm Student Health Services

Recommended Zoom connection

You connect to the webinar via the Zoom-link above. No need to install anything, but sound and video quality becomes better if you install and connect using Zoom .

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