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Application for degree certificate

When you have completed your studies at KTH you can apply for a degree certificate. Please note that you personally need to apply for a degree to receive one. It is advisable that you submit the application as soon as your studies are completed.

How to apply

You apply for a degree certificate through Ladok for students . You can also access Ladok for students through the Personal menu: choose Services.

To apply for a degree certificate you need to:

  • Make sure that all courses needed are completed and reported.
  • Check that the title of your degree project is correctly spelled, if not please contact the administrator at the department
  • Check the spelling of your name by logging into your personal menu at KTH’s website. The name and spelling there will automatically be transferred into your degree certificate
  • Attach a certified photocopy of your previous Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (See link, Certification of documents ). This is not applicable if you already have presented a complete Bachelor’s degree certificate when applying for admission

Please note that your application cannot be processed unless you provide the necessary documents.

When you have received your degree certificate

When you have received your degree certificate please study the entire document carefully and check that all information is correct as concerns both spelling and contents. If there are any errors please contact KTH/Degree Office immediately by e-mail at , by phone on +46 87907009 or by mail (KTH/ Degree Office, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden) as time is an issue as far as corrections are concerned.

Format of degree certificates at KTH

Degree certificates at KTH consist of a first page where you will find the name of qualification, date of issue. Page number two and further includes a transcript with the obtained grades.
All KTH Degree Certificates are bilingual (Swedish and English) and are issued as electronic documents.

Graduation Ceremony

When your degree certificate has been issued you will be able to register for the forthcoming ceremony.

Graduation ceremony (KTH external web)

Further questions

Contact your coordinator or the Degree Office (examen) at .

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