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Home examination

On these pages, there are examples and recommendations for how different examinations, which are intended to be carried out without supervision and in a place of the student's choice, can be designed and developed.

Home exams

A home exam is a form of examination where the student is given one or more assignments to complete. A home exam can last for several days or a shorter period of time (hours). The examination is carried out without supervision. The examination assignment should be designed based on the fact that the student has access to course literature, materials, communication with classmates, etc. On the home exam page, you can read about what is good to think about in order to create a pedagogical task for any place that counteracts cheating.

Home exams

Examination portfolio

An examination portfolio contains a collection of student achievements that the student completes to demonstrate the intended learning outcomes of a course. The content of the portfolio may vary in terms of content, work process, and the students' influence in the selection. This page provides information on recommended content as well as examples regarding presentation of the examination portfolio.

Examination portfolios

Design written assignments

When students have free access to other sources of information, as in a home exam, extra thought is required for the examination to be conducted with high validity and reliability. On this page are recommendations to keep in mind when designing assignments for examination, with a focus on counteracting cheating.

Designing written assignments

Formulate questions and answer options for quiz

What is essential when creating a quiz or poll question, and how to write credible alternative answers? Read about, for example, the importance of clear language with fewer negation structures and how to set the right level of questions. You also get tips on when different answer forms are appropriate and what to consider when creating reasonable alternative answers.

Formulate questions and answer options

Contact and support for examination

Do you have questions about examination? There are contact persons for planning and coordinating examinations at each school, and you can also get help with digital arrangements from E-learning.

Contacts for examination