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IT-support's opening hours during re-exam period (P4) in August

During re-exam period on 16-20 and 23-28 August, IT-support will have the following extended opening hours: at 07:30-16:30.

Time: Mon 2021-08-16 07.30 - Sat 2021-08-28 16.30

Location: 08-790 66 00

Contact Mon-Fri 16-20/8 and Mon-Sat 23-28/8

Call for exam support 07:30-16:30

You can reach the IT-support on +468-790 66 00. If you state the need of support during an ongoing exam your issue will be prioritized and solved as soon as possible.

Email other issues

Outside the regular opening hours (08.00-16:30), IT-support will not be able to handle telephone calls that are not related to an ongoing exam, these can instead be emailed to .

Updated info about exam period P4 and re-exams in June and August

Read about important and practical information (e.g. using examination rooms) as well as tips for remote examinations (e.g. the new method of "Zoom presence").

About exam period P4 and re-exams in June and August 2021

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