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KTH-OLI Virtual Lab 1 - Evidence-based approaches to online and hybrid learning.

During the exam period in October, there is the chance to participate in three seminars on question-based learning according to the Open Learning Initiative model, developed at Carnegie Mellon.

Time: Mon 2021-10-18 14.00 - 17.00

Location: Fyll i undersökning för att delta (på engelska)

KTH-Open Learning Initiative Virtual Lab

Over 3 days, the Lab will provide background and hands-on experience in developing, running and analyzing online courseware using OLI’s evidence-based approaches to online and hybrid learning. The lab will include a mix of lectures, workshops and peer-based activities.
If you’d like to participate in this event for any or all of the days, please fill out this survey

KTH-OLI Virtual Lab Schedule
Times in CEST 2021-10-18 2021-10-21 2021-10-26
1400-1455 Welcome, Introductions Erin Czerwinski, Manager for TEL and Learning Engineering Greg Bunyea, Learning Engineer Learning Model Review (Think-Pair- Share) Publish and Take Courses
1500-1555 Introduction to OLI - Norman Bier, Director of OLI OLI Torus and Page Design Data-Driven Improvment with Live Course Data
1600-1655 Blueprint for Design Torus Practice and Use Debrief, Next Steps
Homework Continue designing your Learning Model Keep Building your Course Schedule Follow-up Meetings with OLI


Greg Bunyea , Learning Engineer

Erin Czerwinski , Manager for TEL and Learning Engineering  

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