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Multi-university course projects – an example from KTH and UTokyo

Engineering students at KTH and UTokyo (the University of Tokyo) worked together online in a Fluid Mechanics project, with elements inspired by design thinking. Fredrik Lundell and Junichiro Shiomi talk about the key factors in this educational and internationalisation challenge. Welcome to this Lunch ‘n’ Learn, a breakfast webinar if you’re connecting from Sweden and an afternoon webinar if connecting from Japan.

Time: Wed 2022-02-16 09.00 - 09.45

Location: Online via Zoom

Video link:

Language: English

Participating: Fredrik Lundell (KTH), Junichiro Shiomi (UTokyo)

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Please note the time: 16 February, Stockholm 9:00-9:45, Tokyo 17:00-17:45.

The webinar will be held in English and will be recorded.

Internationalisation, e-learning and problem-based learning in one go!

This webinar will share an example of integrating students from different universities in a course with problem-based learning. Fredrik Lundell and Junichiro Shiomi collaborated on a project in Fluid Mechanics, in November and December 2021, where students from the two universities worked together digitally. The activity was integrated into the curriculum at both universities. In the project, the students applied typical exam problems in a setting of their choice, such as blood flow in veins or water clocks.  

During the webinar, you can hear more about some of the key factors for the success of the initiation and execution of this pilot, and what the project resulted in. The webinar also offers a chance to discuss the challenges with Junichiro Shiomi and Fredrik Lundell from the two institutions. 

This webinar is targeted towards staff at KTH and the UTokyo interested in developing courses specifically for problem-based learning, digital education and intercultural competence.

Partner collaboration: UTokyo and Stockholm trio

This collaboration is within the strategic partnership between UTokyo and the Stockholm trio (KTH, SU, KI). Stockholm-Tokyo University Partnership ( .

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