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Workshop: Try the tools that increase student interaction in your course!

Are you wondering how you can make your students more active during your digital teaching and want help to increase the sense of presence even when you have digital teaching? Then this is a workshop for you! We will talk about different tools, approaches and simple tricks to make your digital teaching interactive and let your students participate more actively.

Time: Fri 2021-10-22 09.00 - 10.00

Location: Zoom

Language: English

Participating: Felix Alin, Frida Sundberg

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The workshop is a follow-up to the Lunch 'n' Learn given on October 20, "How can my students become active co-creators instead of a passive audience?" .

The workshop is given in English.

Interaction during digital teaching

Having an element in the teaching that requires some form of activity has proven to be important for students to absorb new knowledge. Therefore, it is good to think about how you can give your students an opportunity to participate actively, even if the teaching takes place digitally.

During this workshop, we will present various tools that you can use to increase interaction with or between students. You will get to try tools such as Zoom, Canvas and Mentimeter to make your teaching more interactive. The workshop is based on your teaching so that you can apply what you have learned as efficiently as possible.

After completing the workshop, it is intended that you should be able to:

  • Reason about interaction in your teaching and what the purpose of it is.
  • Know and have a basic understanding of how the Zoom, Canvas and Mentimeter tools work and how you can use them.

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