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Changes on the Student web

Here you will find out how you as a content manager for a page on the Student web submit changes to the web editors.

Check your content regularly

As a content manager for a page on , it is your responsibility to ensure that the content is correct and up to date. Therefore, it is important that you review your content regularly. Make it a habit to review the content at least twice a year. Our recommendation is to review it two weeks before the start of the autumn and spring semesters.

Submit changes

As the content manager, it is your responsibility to contact the web editor when something needs to be updated on your pages. If something needs to be changed on your page, send the changes to the web editor at , at least one week before they need to done.

If the change needs to be made at short notice, mark the email with High Priority and the available web editor will handle it as soon as possible. In the case of more extensive changes, such as creation of new pages, there must be a dialogue with the web editor in good time before the content is to be published. Contact .

The following information must be included.

  • Write "Student web + [Page namn]" as a heading
  • Link to the page
  • What to change - e.g. text/link to be added/deleted/changed. Please be as detailed as possible
  • When to change it


If you have any questions concerning your content, contact . We who work with the the Student web are Hanna Egelrud, William Källback Winter, Kenneth Carlsson and Sara Gunningberg.