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Education support by the KTH Library

The library offers teaching at various levels, and as a teacher, you can contact us to develop a plan for how we can support your students or doctoral students in your specific program or course.

In addition to teaching information literacy and source criticism, we also provide support on certain issues related to copyright and copying agreements.

The library's teaching

Teaching situation

Are you a teacher who wants to book teaching on how to find, evaluate, collect, and use scientific information for your students? The library offers teaching at various levels. Or are you a doctoral student who wants support during your research education? We offer workshops and individual guidance in information retrieval, reference management, and publishing.

Main areas

  • Source criticism
  • Information retrieval
  • References
  • Data management
  • Publishing and open access
  • Copyright and databases

Learn more about or book teaching/workshops

Copy and share copyrighted material

KTH has an agreement with Bonus Copyright Access that allows for certain copying of materials for educational purposes.

Read more about copy and share copyrighted material for education