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New form for schedule documentation

Replacement of Kopps’ schedule documentation (EKS) is a project that began in the spring of 2021, intending to implement a new form for schedule documentation. The new system, TimeEdit Preferences, is now in use for courses given autumn term 2024.

15 December 2023

The new system for schedule documentation is now in use

University Administration has manually moved the schedule documentation for HT23 from Kopps into TimeEdit Preferences. The documents in TimeEdit Preferences have now been copied and constitute draft schedule documentation for HT24. These drafts will now be handled in accordance with each school's routines for scheduling.

Please see information about schedule documents and manuals for Preferences .

Find help sessions via Zoom, at Calendar - Scheduling

The scheduling team also offers on-site help sessions, by agreement with the schools.

Project goal

The overall goal is to implement a new, digital form for submitting the schedule documentation. 

Impact target

  • The user perspective. It will be easier to submit and retrieve information before scheduling a course.
  • Increased automated schedule documentation.
  • Less risk of handling errors.
  • Reduced management costs with standard systems.


When What
September 2023 The window for schedule submission in Kopps closes.
November 2023 Workshops (in swedish) for transferring the schedule documentation.
December 2023 The new form is available and should be used.
December 2023 - January 2024 User materials are available, and support sessions are provided.


Current system support for schedule documentation can be found in the Course and Programming tool, Kopps. Increased digitalization of education at KTH defines new demands for features unavailable in Kopps, which is based on older technology. KTH is currently changing the system for submission of schedule documents.

TimeEdit, the supplier of the schedule system, has developed a module known as TE Preferences for handling schedule requests. KTH is actively involved in development the new system to replace what is currently available in Kopps.


The projects “Replace Kopps’ schedule documentation” and “Automated flow for exam planning” will have significant technical interdependence, and so these projects need to work together closely. The “Automated flow” can be introduced when all project goals for a new schedule are met.


The project will not be able to meet the following needs, but it will take them into account: Ordering resources/support for teaching and examinations, such as support when ordering software for teaching purposes, system support needed during examinations (e.g. Kaltura, Möbius) and booking of remote lab places/halls.

Project organization

The project is being conducted within the StudAdm administrative object.

Project organization for EKS (Swedish)


For questions regarding the project, please contact