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Upcoming update of the names of course and examination rooms and their sections in Canvas

Published Jun 03, 2022

Week 25, at the earliest, IT will make a minor name change on course and examination rooms in Canvas. Course rooms have the Ladok registration code in their names and examination rooms puts the course code first in the name instead of "tentamen" or "omtentamen". The sections are also affected.

Changes in information in Ladok affect the course rooms

The name of all course rooms in Canvas is retrieved from Ladok and parts of that information in Ladok will be updated. This leads to a minor change in the names of course rooms in Canvas.

Note: The name change will be for all course rooms in Canvas. That is, previous, current and future course rounds.

Course rooms have the registration code in the name

The new format for the course room name is "[semester] (registration code)" instead of "[semester]-x" where x is a number between 1 and 9. The registration code is the one found in Ladok.

Example of the new format: “A11IAA HT20 (50812) Introduction to the subject of Architecture”.

The change also takes place in the sections of the course in Canvas.

Examination room puts course code first in the name

Change the name with a nickname

You can give a course room or examination room a nickname that only you can see.

  1. Go to "Overview" and make sure you have "Card view" set. Card view is the default view.
  2. Press the setting button on the course card (the three dots).
  3. Enter the nickname under "Nickname" and press the "Apply" button.

Examination rooms have previously been named with the type of examination first, which lead to all examinations starting with "tentamen för" (exam for) or "omtentamen för" (re-examination for). The examination rooms will now put the course code first in the name to make it clearer which course it belongs to.

The name change only applies to new examination rooms. That is, already conducted examinations have the names unchanged.

Example of new format: “MH1027 TEN1 [2022-04-19] Tentamen”.

Merged examination rooms are given the format: “MH1027 TEN1 & AB1234 TENA [2022-04-19] Tentamen”.

The change also takes place in the sections of the course in Canvas.

The update will take place no earlier than week 25

The changes to the names will take place no earlier than week 25, so it is done after the exam period and the following re-exams.

The course rooms and the examination room are updated at the same time.