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Optional features in Canvas

Here you can find the optional features that can be used in Canvas. It is also possible to activate external optional featurse or so-called LTI-apps (Learning Tool Integration) to get new functionality in Canvas. You can also apply to activate an app that is not used at KTH today.

Apps developed by Canvas

  • Canvas Commons (  – A way to find and share course content in Canvas. 
  •  – A quiz function with different types of questions, more advanced than the Classic Quiz function. You can find New Quizzes in the course menu, under “Quizzes”.

KTH Play (Kaltura)

KTH Play, also called Kaltura, is the media portal that is used at KTH to save and share video and sound files, which then can be easily imported to Canvas or other websites. KTH Play has some editing capabilities and automatically generated machine captions available. The files can be imported to Canvas in several ways.

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Mentimeter is a web-based presentation tool and digital system for interactive polls, quizzes and more. Participants can vote in real time, through an automatically generated code, for different alternatives or write their own answers. As a teacher you can use this in your presentations or when you are teaching, both in classrooms and during remote teaching on Zoom.

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Möbius is an advanced quiz tool that is recommended when you want to create assignments where numerical calculations are an important factor. Möbius gives you, among other things, the opportunity to evaluate answers that contain numerical calculations, to dynamically change the formulation of the assignment based on the student's previous answers and also gives greater opportunities to randomize variables and questions than Canvas’ quizzes can offer.

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Ouriginal is an external tool used for plagiarism control on assignments in Canvas and should be used by teachers and examiners when students submit text files in Canvas. Ouriginal is recommended to be used as an integrated tool in Canvas and “Assignments”. You can see the result of the check directly in “Grades” or SpeedGrader in a similarity report.

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Apply to activate new external applications

If you, as a teacher or course administrator, want to activate a new external application in Canvas, a so called LTI app, there is a process to review proposals for new applications.

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SCORM is a technical standard for many e-learning products and is often used to create course content. While it is strongly advised to use Canvas Assignment or Quizzes instead of SCORM, it is possible to import SCORM assignments into Canvas. Continue reading to learn how.

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The "Canvas Teacher" mobile app

There are two mobile apps, one for students and one for teachers. With the app "Canvas Teacher" you as a teacher can be active in the course via the phone and, among other things, send and receive messages. You can convey results and assessments and time the publication of certain material. However, KTH does not give support for any of these apps.

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