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Using KTH Play (Kaltura) in Canvas

KTH Play, also called Kaltura, is the media portal that is used at KTH to save and share video and sound files, which can then be easily imported to Canvas or other websites. KTH Play has some editing capabilities and automatically generated machine captions available. The files can be imported to Canvas in several ways.

Embed video to your course in Canvas


Video is a way to work with the Flipped classroom method in your Canvas course.

Flipped classroom

An embedded video is played directly in Canvas instead of sending the viewer to the video source, e.g. KTH Play. A KTH-produced video is recommended to be uploaded to KTH Play first, but you can also upload it to KTH Play while embedding it in Canvas. Another type of embedding is required to include the Transcript Widget or to embed videos from external web sites. This guide goes through the different scenarios.

Embed video into your Canvas course

Canvas Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a convenient way to manage videos in a course instead of embedding them to Canvas pages. It is a tool that allows you to choose which videos from KTH Play that should be visible in the course and create playlists, for both teachers and students. This makes it especially useful when there is a large amount of videos.

Canvas Media Gallery