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Apply to activate new external optional features

You, as a teacher or course administrator, can apply to add a new external optional feature in Canvas, a so-called LTI app. This page explains the how you apply and the process for reviewing new applications. Historically, the lead time is approximately one calendar year for an LTI app, if it makes it through the review.

Apps are prioritized if they are useful for all of KTH

Many applications are specialized for specific types of assignments and usually there are only a few courses in the same subject area that have similar needs. These apps have lower priority than apps with greater potential, wider range of uses and more existing users.

In order for KTH to be able to activate the application in Canvas, it needs to be approved from both a security and usage perspective. Agreements with the supplier and personal data assistant agreements may also be needed depending on the design of the application. Usability is often tested with a pilot test and evaluation in one or more courses.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that historically the lead time is approximately one calendar year for an LTI app and only around one in four of the submitted applications proceed after an initial survey. Apps are usually denied because the GDPR requirements cannot be met.

Apply via the form

To make it easier for us at E-learning to handle your application, we have created a simple form where we ask you to describe the need and benefits of the app. We appreciate detailed descriptions and links to the LTI app.

Fill out the form to get started with the application.

Form - Comments, suggestions and LTI application for improvement for e-learning at KTH (new window).

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Last changed: Feb 28, 2024