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New Quizzes question types

New Quizzes have several different kinds of questions and ways of collecting answers. Here you can find a summary of all question types and links to subpages with detailed descriptions and recommendations. You, as an employee of KTH, can also try out all the question types in an example quiz.

Free answer

In the following question types the students can write free answers in the form of text and numbers. The question types have varying possibilities for automatic assessment, and you can set margins of error on the responses or variations to be accepted as correct.

  • Formula
  • Numeric
  • Fill in the Blank – Open Entry
  • Essay.

Free answer – four different question types in Canvas New Quizzes

Sort or match

In the following question types, the student has to sort or match different statements. Most of the question types allow you to add incorrect answers which should not be used (distractors), except for “Ordering”.

  • Categorisation
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Fill in the Blank – Word Bank or Dropdown.

Sort or match – four different question types in Canvas New Quizzes


In these questions the student is given checkboxes to mark based on the given statement. Only “Multiple answers” allow students to mark more than one checkbox per question.

  • Multiple answers
  • Multiple choice
  • True or False.

Checkboxes – three different question types in Canvas New Quizzes

Other question types

These question types are different from the rest, see explanations in the list.  

  • Hot Spot: The students mark their answers by clicking in a picture.
  • File upload: The student uploads files directly in the quiz.
  • Stimulus: A support function to give the students more comprehensive material linked to specific questions.

Other three question types in Canvas New Quizzes