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Updates and operational disturbances

Updating the school organisation in the ISP system

On Monday January 17, the old schools were replaced by the new schools in the system. This means that CBH have replaced BIO, CHE and STH, that EECS have replaced CSC, EES and ICT, and that ITM have replaced ECE. This in an administrative change to reflect the new school organization from 2018 and does not affect the function of the system.

The permissions to the old schools are not needed anymore and have been removed, so that users will not have to change between permissions anymore. A supervisor who previously had permissions to for example EECS, CSC and EES only has the EECS permission left and will find all their study plans under that permission.

Operational disturbances

Problems with the Safari browser

Numerous users have reported problems when using the eISP on the Safari browser. Should you encounter trouble doing this, please try swithching browsers to, for example, Mozilla Firefox.

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