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Revision of the individual study plan - doctoral student

Eleven months after the previous study plan has been established, both you as a doctoral student and your pricipal supervisor will receive an email that it is time to revise the individual study plan (ISP).

It is the responsibility of your principal supervisor that the study plan is revised, however both you and your principal supervisor can initiate the revision.

Step by step:

You or your principal supervisor initiates the revision. You will find the revision function to the right of your most recently established plan in the system, under the button Select action, and then Revise, as shown in the picture below.

revise for doc

Your study plan will now open for editing. Areas that have been updated from the previous version are framed in blue. During the period you work with the study plan, you can save, close and continue working as you wish.

When you are satisfied with the new version, click Approve and send forward to supervisor, and then Confirm in the popup-window, which will lock the study plan. An automatic e-mail is now sent to your supervisor stating that there is a study plan to approve.

After you approve, the status of the study plan changes to Waiting for the supervisor and becomes locked for editing.

app doc
con doc

If your principal supervisor approves the revision of the study plan, it is forwarded to the programme director/director of studies for approval, and from there to the third cycle administrator for approval and then to the Director of third cycle education for decision of approval.

If any of these instances have views on the curriculum, it will be sent back to you for adjustment. You will then receive an automatic e-mail that there is a study plan to approve.

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