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Implementation of the new system for schedule form

From Kopps to TimeEdit Preferences

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Published Oct 27, 2023

The schedule for the autumn semester 2024 (HT24) will be added using KTH's new system (form) for schedule planning. The University Administration (UA) will manually transfer the schedule documentation from Kopps (automatic migration is not possible). Prior to the schools' handling of schedule documentation for HT24, workshops will be offered and manuals will be available on the intranet.

Activities for the system change for the HT24 schedule

Manual migration by the University Administration (UA)

Starting in November, the University Administration will manually start filling in the schedule documentation from HT23 (found in Kopps) in TimeEdit Preferences. Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically copy the schedule documentation from Kopps.

This work will be done in the form of workshops. Please note the workshops are in Swedish.

UA prepares schedule documentation for HT24

The documentation entered in TimeEdit Preferences will then be copied in December and constitute draft schedule documentation for HT24.

KTH's schools manage drafts for HT24 schedule documentation

Subsequently, the draft schedule documentation for HT24 will be managed in accordance with each school's routines, but this time in TimeEdit Preferences.

During this new implementation, the Scheduling Office will offer support sessions in Zoom and on campus. These sessions will appear in the Scheduling Office's calendar .

Manuals will be available on the Scheduling Office's webpage here: Request a schedule

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The project Replacing Kopps' schedule documentation (EKS)

Better usability in a more efficient and secure system for schedule documentation.

KTH's digitisation of educational activities places new demands on the system support for schedule documentation. Today, the system support is found in the course and programme planning tool, Kopps, which is based on old technology. TimeEdit (TE), the supplier of KTH's schedule system, has developed a module for managing schedule requests, TE Preferences, which KTH is now switching to and whose development KTH has been involved in influencing. The goal of the system change is that it should:

  • be easier to use,
  • enable more automated schedule documentation,
  • reduce the risk of errors and
  • reduce management costs.

Read more about the project on the page EKS project: New form for schedule documentation .