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News about system support for education

  • Canvas@KTH will be updated on November 17th

    Published Nov 02, 2023

    Soon, Canvas@KTH will be updated to better fit in with teachers' use of Canvas. The course will function as before but with updated content. In the new version, there are learning objectives for the c...

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  • Vote on improvements to Canvas until November 15

    Published Oct 30, 2023

    Do you want to influence the development of Canvas in the coming six months? In that case, you can vote on various proposed improvements until November 15. The only requirement is that you have a Canv...

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  • Implementation of the new system for schedule form

    Green icon (text: TE) on yellow plate. Green text: Welcome to TE Preferences.
    Published Oct 27, 2023

    The schedule for the autumn semester 2024 (HT24) will be added using KTH's new system (form) for schedule planning. The University Administration (UA) will manually transfer the schedule documentation...

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  • Update of KTH Transfer to Ladok

    Published Oct 16, 2023

    KTH Transfer to Ladok, the function that transfers grades in Canvas to Ladok, has been updated. The update applies to minor changes that improve user-friendliness. In addition, the guide materials for...

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  • Programme rooms in Canvas are launched on August 14

    students with computers
    Published Aug 14, 2023

    During the spring, a project to introduce programme rooms in Canvas has been underway. During Monday (14/8), the programme rooms in Canvas are in place for the autumn semester, and they replace the pr...

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  • Total grade is no longer shown to students in new course and examination rooms in Canvas

    Published Aug 08, 2023

    Two settings in Canvas have been changed, which affects all new course and examination rooms. The rooms will no longer show a total grade (calculated total and letter grade) for students. Additionally...

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  • The Personal menu is updated on 3/5

    Published Apr 14, 2023

    The Personal menu updates on May 3. The updates aim to make it easier to meet the needs of our various user groups.

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  • Vote on improvements to Canvas

    Published Mar 29, 2023

    Do you want to influence the development of Canvas in the coming six months? In that case, you can vote on various proposed improvements during a period in April. The only requirement is that you have...

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  • KTH introduces programme rooms in Canvas in the autumn

    Published Mar 24, 2023

    In autumn KTH will work in a new way with programme communication. Programme rooms in Canvas will be introduced, and together with information on the Student Web, will replace the current programme we...

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  • A Canvas template for lifelong learning courses is now available

    Published Mar 08, 2023

    E-learning has developed a template that is adapted for courses within the framework of lifelong learning. The template can be downloaded from Canvas Commons and contains, among other things, resource...

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  • Get local support to post and publish course memos on KTH's official site for course information

    Published Feb 13, 2023

    Now, examiners, course coordinators or teachers can get help from the local support at your school to publish your course memo with the administration tool for About the course, KTH's official place f...

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  • New version of the Personal menu is launched in three steps

    Published Jan 19, 2023

    A new version of KTH's Personal menu is under development. The new version will mainly affect you who have the role of "student" or "teacher" in a course at KTH. The launch of the new version will tak...

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  • Updated name format for course rooms on December 15

    Published Dec 14, 2022

    On December 15, a change will be made to how course rooms are named in Canvas. After feedback from users, we now include the short name ("kortnamn") from Kopps in the name to make it easier to disting...

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  • We are looking for teachers who want to test the new Personal menu

    Published Dec 13, 2022

    Are you a teacher at KTH and curious about testing the new Personal menu? Then you can become our beta tester and give us your feedback. Both big and small are welcome. Read more about how it's done.

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  • Schedule release with login and new function

    Published Nov 28, 2022

    In order to increase the security for people at risk, a login function will be introduced to the schedule in TimeEdit from 15 December. After that, only details regarding the date, time and course wil...

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  • Classic Quiz deadline postponed indefinitely

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    Canvas wants users to start using New Quiz because it's a great tool, not because they're forced to. They have therefore removed the Classic Quiz deadline while they improve New Quiz. KTH is waiting f...

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  • Do you teach using flipped classroom and want to try Canvas Studio?

    Published Nov 17, 2022

    Canvas Studio is an interactive video service that is well suited for flipped classrooms. Right now, Canvas Studio is being evaluated with the goal of promoting and facilitating students' interaction ...

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  • Change to default due time in Canvas

    Published Oct 26, 2022

    On Monday, 31 October, the default due time in Canvas will change from 23:59 to 19:00. The default due time is the time that is pre-filled when you as a teacher choose the due date for an assignment. ...

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  • Flipped Lunch 'n' Learn about new updates in Canvas ahead of HT22

    Published Sep 05, 2022

    This autumn's first Lunch 'n' Learn was about updates and new features in Canvas. It was in so-called reverse ("flipped") format. An open Q&A session followed a pre-recorded presentation.

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  • Name change of role for registered students in course rooms in Canvas

    Published Jun 17, 2022

    Soon, the description of registered students will change in the course room in Canvas. Registered students will be referred to as "Registered student" in course rooms, instead of being referred to as ...

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