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New version of the Personal menu is launched in three steps

Published Jan 19, 2023

A new version of KTH's Personal menu is under development. The new version will mainly affect you who have the role of "student" or "teacher" in a course at KTH. The launch of the new version will take place in three stages: 1. beta button in the Personal menu, 2. activation of the new version for all users, but the old version can be used, and 3. the old version can no longer be used.

Development of KTH's Personal menu

The changes in this new version of the Personal menu are part of a larger design concept that the Project is working on. We work agile and user-centred with evaluations and improving the design. We welcome feedback on the design concept and the new version of the Personal menu.

Development project new Personal menu

Who are most affected?

The changes in the new version of the Personal menu will mainly affect those who are registered on a credit-bearing course or lecturers in a course at KTH.

The three steps of the launch

1. Beta button – test and give feedback on the new version

On January 19, there will be a button in the current Personal menu that leads to a beta version of the new Personal menu. If you are curious about the changes and want to test the new version, you can click in and use the new one. You can always go back to the current version.

You who are registered on a credit-bearing course or lecturers in a course at KTH will see that the "Courses" tab in the beta version has been replaced by two tabs: "Studies" and "Teaching" (menu links in Swedish will be in place in later versions).

The button to the beta is placed among the other icons at the top right when you are in the Personal menu.

We would be grateful if you e-mail us about any oddities in the first place. But because we work in an agile and user-centric way, we are also happy to receive feedback on the new version. See the heading "Leave feedback" further down in this text.

2. Everyone gets the new version of the Personal menu by default

On May 3, the new Personal menu will be the standard version when you log in to The transition will be announced in the internal calendar at You can still go back to the old version by using the same link used to activate the beta to go back to the old version.

Return to the old version through the same link.

3. Only the new version is available

When we feel satisfied and secure with the functionality of the new version, the old version of the Personal menu will no longer be usable. The time will be announced in the internal calendar, at

What is a beta version?

Beta, or beta version, is a version of a system still under development, but has reached a stable enough status that it is considered to meet most of the system requirements. Often you release a beta version to let the target audience use it and thus be able to get feedback and discover bugs that can be adjusted.

Leave comments

Please leave your comments by sending an e-mail to , write "beta Personal menu" in the subject line and please send a screenshot, as it facilitates troubleshooting.


If you want to know more about the work with KTH's Personal menu, e-mail: .

You can also find more information on the page Development project- new Personal Menu .

(The news is updated 2023-04-14)

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