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User manual for Course introduction

At the page "Before course selection" an image and a descriptive text for the course is shown. With the help of the About course administration tool, and the function "Course introduction", the course coordinator and examiner can edit this information. Here are detailed instructions on how to use the function "Course introduction".

  1.  Log in to the administration tool for About course, by searching for your course via the course and programme directory: Search course  or via a link in your personal menu. Click on the link "Administer About course". Klick on Edit button under the function "Course introduction". 
  2. Choose image. You can either use the default image based on the course main field of study or an image of your own. Click "Choose your own image" and "Choose image". The image you select will be displayed in the format 400x300 pixels. Smaller images will be scaled up to fit the format. The image must be in PNG or JPG file format. After your own image has been selected, an information text about rights to use the image is displayed, please read and tick the check box.
  3. Edit the introductory text. Click on the "Edit text" button. If there is an introductory text entered in Kopps/Ladok it will automaticly be is displayed on Abouts course. If you do not want the text from Kopps/Ladok to be displayed, you can choose to enter your own introductory text. You can enter the text both in Swedish and English (it is possible to enter introductory text in only one of the languages). Above the text box there are functions for formatting the introductory text with e.g. italic text, bulleted list, etc. The introductory text may contain a maximum of 1500 characters. Above the text box there is a counter that shows how many characters that are left to use.
  4. Preview your text and image. Click the "Preview" button to see what the introductory text and picture will look like before it is published. The "Cancel" button takes you back to the tool's home page. The "Edit text" button takes you back to the previous step. If you remove your text completely, the text from Kopps/Ladok will be shown again. 
  5. Publish the introductory text and image. Click the "Publish" button to publish your introductory text and selected image. After publishing, you end up on the administration tool's home page, and a green information message stating that Course introduction has been published will be displayed. The new introductory text and selected image are now displayed on About course.
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Last changed: Jun 15, 2022