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About course is KTH's official place for course information. About course consists of several web pages for each course published in the Course and programme directory. To administer some of the information at About course you use the administration tool Administer About course.

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What is About course?

About course consists of several web pages for each course published in the Course and programme directory. Here you find comprehensive course information which is open to everyone, for example course syllabuses, information about course offerings, course memos, course analyses, and an archive-page with historical documentation. Read more on The content of About course .

Students are the primary target group for the About course pages. Here they find the course information that they need in the following situations: Before course selection, prepare and take a course, and after the end of the course. In the course room in Canvas the students find the course material during the course.  

About course also helps the examiner, course coordinator, and teacher to inform students before course selection and to plan the courses' implementation. Additionally, About course provides support in course development, by collecting course analysis with course data, course memo and course syllabus in one and the same place for each completed course offering. 

With the About course's administration tool, Administer About course, examiners, course coordinators and teachers can create and publish course memos. Examiners and course coordinators can also edit the course introduction (text and image), the headings Course disposition and Supplementary information. The can also publish a completed course analysis with course data. 

How does About Course help my students and me?

Students were involved in developing About course and the template for course memos. During the development, it became apparent that students want to find and access course information quickly. 

Therefore, there is About course, a place that is the same regardless of the course:

  • About course collects the course information on accessible pages:
    • The information is always avaliable. For example, before course selection, the student can look at previous course memos for the course and course analyses to make a better choice.
    • The site lives up to the Web Accessibility Directive.
  • About course is based on a well-tuned structure:
    • The structure conforms to students' requirements.
    • The template for course memo is adjusted to the guidelines that regulates the content in a course memo at KTH. 
  • About course is available from the Personal menu.

An advantage for you as an examiner, course coordinator or teacher is that, by using the tool to create the course memo, you get help with publishing accurate, legal, and quality assured course information in the course memo. That is possible beacause some of the course information is automatically retrieved from Kopps (such as information about examination and intended learning outcomes from the course syllabus, and contact information) to your course memo.  

Create content at About course

About course has an administration tool, Administer About course. With the tool, anyone with Access to About course  can edit the course introduction and the headings Course introduction and Supplementary information, create and publish course memo, and publish a completed course analysis and course data.

You log in to the administration tool by searching for your course in Search course  in the course and programme directory, or through a link in your Personal menu, and then click on the link Administer About course. Then choose one of the functions: The page Before course selection, Course memo, or Course Analysis and course data.

The course information that is retrieved from Kopps can not be edited by using the About course administration tool. See Retrieved course information  for information about how to change the information. 

Information and detailed instructions for each function:

The page Before course selection

Course memo

Course analysis and course data

Contact and support for About Course

If you have questions or technical problems or want help from local support at your school to publish your Course Memo, you will find the contact details on the page Support for About Course