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Access to About course

Access to administer information displayed on About course is automatically given to those who are added as examiner, course coordinator, or teacher in Kopps for a specific course or administrative course instance. It is also possible to apply for access for others.

By using the About course administration tool, Administer About course, it is possible to administer some of the information displayed on About course. The tool contains three functions, Course introduction, Course memo and Course analysis and course data. 

People added as examiner or course coordinator in Kopps can use all three functions in About course. People added as teacher can only use the function Course memo.

It is possible to apply for access to About course for others. The application is made by the school's Educational Administration Manager (UA), by using this application form  (in Swedish only). A person with this role has access to all functions for all courses at the school.

Examiners, course coordinators and teachers can access the administration tool via the personal menu. The administration tool can also be accessed via the Course and programme directory. Find the course via Search course , and then klick on the link Administer Aboute course, to log in to the administration tool.

About course also contains information fetched from Kopps, see  Retrieved course information

Contact and support for About Course

If you have questions or technical problems or want help from local support at your school to publish your Course Memo, you will find the contact details on the page Support for About Course