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Retrieved course information

About course consists of web pages for each course published in the Course and programme directory. The information on these pages is partly retrieved from Kopps and partly edited via the About course administration tool.

The information retrieved from Kopps is the course syllabus, the common course information and the administrative course instances/course offerings (including examiner, course coordinator, teacher and teachers assistants). The retrieved information is shown on the page "Before course selection" and in the course memo.

When you are using the About course administration tool to create a course memo you will see if the information is retrieved from Kopps or not. 

Access to Kopps

Changes in Kopps can only be made by a person with access to Kopps. Reed more about access to Kopps (only in swedish)

Changes in a course syllabus

Changes in a course syllabus has to be made according to KTH's governing documents and delegation procedures. See the process regarding changes in course syllabus (only in swedish).  

Changes in the common course information

The common course information in Kopps can be edited continuously, but should be reviewed at the latest before the start of the course. Information that can be edited in Kopps:

  • Course disposition
  • Recommended prerequisites
  • Add-on
  • Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination
  • Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination
  • Course literature
  • Equipment
  • Supplementary information
  • Examiner

Changes regarding contact information

Course coordinators, teachers and teachers assistants for a course offering can be edited continuously, but should be reviewed at the latest before the start of the course.

Contact and support for About Course

If you have questions or technical problems or want help from local support at your school to publish your Course Memo, you will find the contact details on the page Support for About Course

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