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Course memo

At latest at the start of a course, a course memo must be available for the students on About course. This is regulated by "Guideline on course syllabus, grading system and examination". Everyone who is added as examiner, course coordinator or teacher in Kopps for a specific course can create and publish a course memo with the help of the About course administration tool, and the function "Course memo"

Therefore course memo on About course

About course is KTH's official place for course information. Using the About course system support template provides many benefits for both students and teachers. Read more Therefore course memo on About course .

What is course memo?

At latest at the start of a course, a course memo should be available for the students on About course. This is regulated in "Guideline on course syllabus, grading system and examination" (See the page Guideline on course memo ). It is also stated in the guidelines which information a course memo must contain.

The course memo is the overall plan that helps the student to prepare and plan for the implementation of the course, both before the start of the course and during the course. A course memo guides the student and enables the course to be implemented in an efficient and suitable way.

The course memo contains information about the aim of the course, learning activities, preparations, details of the examination and contact details for the course. It should also include information about the student's rights and obligations on the course.

Course memo and Canvas complement each other

During the course, the student uses both the course memo (in About course) and the course room (Canvas). The course room in Canvas contains the material that the student needs to complete the course. Both the course memo and Canvas can be reached from Courses in the Personal menu. Although the course memo can be reached from the Personal meny, it is important that you add a link to the course memo in the course room in Canvas, to make it easier for the student to find the course memo. See The Syllabus function in Canvas .

To the tool

Search for your course in the Course and programme directory: Search course . On the page "Before course selection” you click on the link "Administer About course", then select one of the functions in the "Course memo" box.

Support and contact

Built-in support in the administration tool

All functions in About course offer built-in support to make it easy to understand what one should do in the three stages that one must go through. The built-in support makes it possible to immediately start creating a course memo and follow the support offered in the function.

If you want to get started right away, start by unfolding the link in step 2 in the function: "Introduction and instructions", read the information and follow the five steps to get started quickly. You will then get support for each heading:

  • next to each heading there is an i-icon explaining what the heading means, how it helps students and how to edit it.
  • if the heading is editable and you choose to edit it you can select "Show guidance". Under "Show guidance" you get information on how to write the content so that it helps the student. 

If you want to read more about the template and the headings, please read The template and headings for course memo .

If you want to read more about the guidelines that regulates the content in a course memo, please read Guideline on course memo


Need more help?

User manual for course memo

Access to About course

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